Best Calcium Supplement For Pregnancy

Calcium supplements are highly recommended especially when the gestational age enters the third trimester until breastfeeding. Because when you are pregnant, your baby grows and needs calcium for strong bones and teeth and also build healthy heart, nerves and muscles, and to develop normal heart rhythms and blood clots and prevent you from hypertension problems during pregnancy and bone problems, because if you do not get enough calcium intake when you are pregnant, your baby will take it from your bones and teeth. So, you need a supplement to get enough calcium when you are pregnancy. Here’s the best supplement for pregnancy that can help you to get enough calcium.

1. Obical
Obical is one of the supplements for pregnancy that will fill the calcium void when the food you consume can not meet your calcium needs. This pregnancy supplement contains prebiotic FOS which contains the best calcium absorption. In addition to calcium, Obtical also contains vitamin B3 which helps the function of calcium in strengthening bones and teeth that are needed by pregnant women.

2. Elkana
Elkana is a vitamin supplement for pregnant women that can complement the nutritional needs of pregnant women and their babies. Elkana can help the child grow optimally. Not only that, but Elkana also ensures pregnant women to be in a healthy condition. In the content of this supplement, there is calcium mono-hydrogen phosphate along with other elements such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D3 that collaborate to provide stimulation to the growth of pregnant women and developing babies in the womb. The abundance contained in Elkana can keep expectant mothers from the risk of vitamin and calcium deficiency.

3. Cavit D3
Cavit D3 is a high calcium supplement for pregnancy that is safe for pregnant women. These pregnant mothers’ vitamins can be consumed by pregnant women and lactating mothers. The content of calcium in it also plays a role to reduce the risk of osteoporosis that is likely to occur at the age of menopause. In each strip of cavit D3, there are ten tablets in which the recommended dose for consumption is one tablet per day during the process of pregnancy. Cavit D3 is very safe to eat, so pregnant women should not hesitate to take this supplements for pregnancy.

4. CDR
CDR is one of the supplements that are safe to consume during pregnancy as long as the amount corresponds to the daily calcium requirement of pregnant women. CDR itself is a drug that contains many calcium minerals. Calcium for pregnant women is useful for the formation and strengthening of fetal bones and teeth. CDR in general also contains vitamin D. Vitamin D itself is a complement of calcium in maintaining bone health conditions of pregnant women and support the growth of the fetal bone. In short, vitamin D and calcium are essential for building fetal skeletal systems and joints. CDR also contains vitamins C and B6, both of which are critical nutrients critical to keeping pregnancy healthy.

As we know, during pregnancy, pregnant women needs calcium intake many times over those who are normal, and if the need is not met, the baby will break down the calcium from the bone of the pregnant women. Although supplements for pregnancy have a significant role to play in helping pregnant women in their pregnancy, yet they are a catcher for the needs of pregnant women not as a substitute for food. Therefore, expectant mothers should still pay attention to the food that she is consumed and do not forget to consult first with the doctor before consuming supplement for pregnancy.