What Is The Best Way To Quit Smoking

When it comes about the best way to quit smoking, it may come from our strong intention to throw away the habit. However, there are some methods and approaches that some people have tried. Some might succeed and some might fail to quit smoking. Since methods and approaches will not give big effects without strong intention and struggle, you need to set yourself for the reason you want to quit.

The approach we share below may be effective to help you in quitting smoking. However, you need to remember, the result of all approaches depends on how hard you convince yourself to stop smoking.

7 Approaches You Can Try To Stop Smoking

  1. Write all the reasons to quit

It is such a reminder for you to always remember why you would like to quit. Write all the reasons on an index card and keep it near you always. So whenever the cravings come, you can take a look at your index card as a reminder.

  1. Stop Buying cartons of cigarette

Rather than buying a pack at times, bring with you only two or three cigarettes at a time. With this method, you and find that when you want to smoke, you will not find any cigarette available when you want more. Slowly, it can decrease the amount of cigarette you smoke in a day.

  1. List some things to do when cravings come

It can be an answer of the best ways to quit smoking. When cravings come, you may need something to do. Some things you can do are exercising, taking a walk, drinking water, playing games, washing car, having a cup of tea or coffee (nicotine free) and taking a nap.

  1. Quit when you are in the best mood

Studies find that quitting while you are under great stress or depressed will not work well since when you are stressed, mostly you would like to enjoy some pics of cigarette.

  1. Turn to Decaf until you are free of cravings for about two months

Cravings for about two months As too much caffeine while you are trying to quit can make you jittery, decaf or tea can be an alternative. For the other option, chewing gum or having some candy bars can be considered.

  1. Think about the hard time you had

Every time you feel the cravings rise up, you need to recall the miserable time you had at the first time you decided to quit smoking. Remember how hard you have struggled. In this case, you can ask the people around you to remind you about the challenges that you have succeed in. It can give you the self-confidence to stand in your decision to not smoke.

  1. Switch to a cup of herbal tea

Anytime you want to smoke, you can have a cup of tea. As it can provide stress relief as well as the hit of nicotine. Optionally, you can have cinnamon-flavored toothpicks whenever a strong craving some up.

Finally, you can try those seven methods or ways to quit smoking. As it is not as easy as turning the palm of your hand, you truly need to struggle hard and strong intention to get succeed. If you find those ways are not effective, you may have another method of what is the best way to quit smoking.