Most Effective Way to Quit Smoking

To quit smoking, the effective way varies from one method to another. However, not all of them can give the best result at the end. However, if you want to quit smoking, it is all about your commitment to yourself. It is all about your personal decision to throw away that habit.

Before trying some different approaches or methods, you need to keep in mind that the success rate of every person is not the same. Below we are going to share some effective ways that have been proven by some ex-smokers that may be effective in helping you to quit smoking.

 4 Kicking Approaches To Stop Smoking

  1. Replacing Nicotine

More smokers succeed in quitting smoking when they apply some nicotine therapy than some other measure. Nicotine replacement can be having nicotine patch, nicotine pastilles or even any other nicotine therapy. What this treatment can do is reducing the amount of nicotine that comes into your body. Hopefully, you can decrease the nicotine or nicotine replacement entirely gradually. Even though you may still feel the effect of nicotine left in your body, but at least you will not suffer from the entire negative effects of cigarette. Perhaps, it is not the best and safest way to quit smoking, however, it can work well for large amounts of smokers.

  1. Avoiding Trigger

For some people, trigger is such kind of situation and condition that cause you to stress. But for the smokers, the trigger does not only mean stressful situation, but also a set of right time and place where to smoke, such as when talking on the phone or taking a break from work.

When you decide to quit smoking, these triggers can be even stronger to create cravings. You need to make sure these triggers are never activated if you truly want to quit smoking. It means, prevent yourself being in the situations where you feel like you want a cigarette so bad.

  1. Cold Turkey

It may be unbelievable way to do. However, some majority of people have succeeded in quitting smoking by quitting cold turkey. It might sound cliché that more people can quit by doing this method than any other. The statistics come from American Cancer Society that says more than 80 percent smoker that has quitted smoking admit succeeding through cold turkey method. In the other word, it is such most effective way to stop smoking.

  1. Slowly but Sure

As it is a hard thing to do if you just immediately quit smoking, you can do it slowly by decreasing the use of cigarette until you do not need any cigarette anymore. It can work best for hard smokers that are really deep into their habit. You do not need to decrease as much as you can, just do it slowly. For example, you decrease one or two cigarettes in the first week and then add more in the next week and so on until you are totally free from cigarette.

Overall, any kind of method does not always work for all people since somebody’s skill in holding on their cravings is different. So that is why, one of those approaches may be helpful for you and be most effective way to quit smoking.