Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Health benefits of quitting smoking are not deniable. Smokers, firstly may not notice or even care with their advantages when they want to quit smoking or the disadvantages of smoking. They may just enjoy their cigarettes as if nothing will happen to their health.

In this case, some of you who have been smokers for years or just begin to smoke, there is no harm in knowing what are health benefits you can gain after quitting smoking. Below, we are going to share some benefits that may make you realize that health is more than everything.

  1. Quitting smoking will let you breathe easily

Since the lung capacity of people will improve up to ten percent during 9 months when they quit smoking, it will make them breathe easily and less cough. During the age of twenties and thirties, the effect of lung capacity may not be noticeable yet. However, the capacity of the lung will decrease by age. Years by years, you can see the difference of lung capacity when you go for a walk or climb the stairs.

  1. Quitting smoking will give you more energy

When you quit smoking within two or twelve weeks, the blood circulation will improve and it’s what makes all physical activities such as running, walking, climbing will be much easier. Besides, it can boost your immune system and make it much easier to fight cold and flu. The increasing of oxygen in your body will reduce the tiredness.

  1. Quitting smoking will give you younger-looking skin

It has been found that quitting smoking can slow facial ageing and postpone the look of wrinkles. Nonsmokers skin gets more nutrients includes oxygen. Besides, quitting smoking will reverse the sallow and line complexion that often had by the smokers.

  1. Quitting smoking will lead to the better sex

When you quit smoking, it will improve the blood in your body to flow so it can improve your sensitivity. The men that quit smoking might get better erections and the women may discover their orgasm improve and they will be easily aroused more.

  1. Quitting smoking can improve fertility

For non-smoker women, they will find it easy to be pregnant since quitting smoking is going to improve the lining of the womb and can make the sperm of men more potent. Being non-smokers increase the conceiving possibility through IVF and also diminish the likelihood of miscarriage.

  1. Quitting smoking will make you live longer

It can be said that the half of all long-term smoking can make the smokers die early from smoking-related diseases include lung cancer, heart disease, and also chronic bronchitis. When people stop smoking in around 30s, they will gain 10 years extra life while when they stop smoking in around the 60s, they will gain 3 years extra life.

After all, we can see that there are at least 6 health benefits that smokers can get when they quit smoking. This post does not mean to say that smokers are bad people or even they cannot live longer than non-smokers do, but this post is meant that the smokers will realize about the health benefits of quitting smoking.