How to Help Someone Quit Smoking

Helping someone to quit smoking may need strong struggle either. It may miserably and irritating to see someone close to you cannot stop their habit of smoking. However, asking someone to quit cannot be done by judging or talking bad about their habit. You need to realize that I t is not easy for them to make the decision.

Some people may be succeeding quitting smoking, but during the process when the cravings and the withdrawal symptoms start to come, here is the point they mostly surrender. All you need to do is trying to understand their habits while slowly helping them to stay away from their cigarette. Below are some Do’s and Don’ts that you can apply in helping someone to quit smoking.

What You Can Do To Help Someone Quit Smoking

  1. You need to respect that they are responsible for their life. It is their challenge to quit, not yours.
  2. You can ask the person if they would like you to ask frequently how they are. You can either ask how they are feeling not just if they have quitted.
  3. Convince the person that he or she may talk to you anytime they need to be encouraged.
  4. Provide what they need within the process of quitting by giving what they want like gum to chew, fresh veggies, candy to suck on are kept in the fridge.
  5. Spend as much as time with the quitters. Try to keep their mind away from smoking. You can do outside activities such as go to the movie, go biking, or take a walk as the way to help them to quit smoking.
  6. Try to see with their sight. The cigarette may be friend that always be when everything goes wrong, so it such a hard thing for them to let it go.
  7. Make your house free from smoke, do not allow anyone to smoke in any part of the house. Start by removing all ashtrays and lighters in your house. Remove all the things that can remind them of smoking and cigarette.
  8. Aid them with some activities that can get rid of their stress and depression for not smoking.
  9. After all the steps done, celebrate their accomplishment, quitting smoking is a great achievement.


What You Must Not Do To Help Someone Quit Smoking

  1. Do not doubt their intentions and decision even once since your faith will remind them that they can do it.
  2. Never judge, scold, tease or even preach as it will only make them feel bad about her or himself. This stressful and anger can lead their emotion to take more cigarette. You would not like someone you love calm themselves by having a couple pieces of cigarette in their hand.
  3. Do not take their word personally within the withdrawal symptom they experience. You can tell them that you see they are suffering and convince them all the miserable time will soon disappear. Do not advise frequently; just ask them what you can do for them.

Furthermore, helping someone to quit is all about trust and patient. Do always encourage them that they can pass the miserable time during the withdrawal symptom. You can apply these Do’s and Don’ts to succeed your goal on how to help someone to quit smoking.