High Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

Drink protein shake to lose weight is an excellent solution for those who want to lose weight, but not ready to follow a strict diet and somehow limit yourself in the diet. By drinking this weight loss shake, the body will get the required amount of protein. In the body, protein digestion Spend more than a third of the energy of carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Protein shake to lose weight is quite satisfactory. Here’s about the protein weight that you need to know and how it can affect your weight.

Protein Shake decrease appetite
This weight loss shake can reduce appetite in two ways. In a first way, it can increase the level of appetite-reducing hormones. It is like PYY, CCK, and GLP-1, while reducing the hunger hormone ghrelin. Then, in a second way, the protein in the weight loss shake can help you to feel full for longer. Breakfast with the high protein can help the participants consume less than 135 calories in the day. Besides that, overweight men that had been lost his weight will increase their protein until 25% of total calories. So, it will cut cravings by 60% and also for late night snacking. However, increasing protein 15% until 30% of total calories can help the costumers consume a lot of calories. These shake can be an easy way to get more protein in your diet. But you should remember that to more protein can still make you get extra calories. the weight loss shake, that is containing 20 until 80 grams of protein can decrease hunger 50% until 65%, depending on the amount of protein in their shake. So, if you want to lose a little weight, 20 grams of protein shake is enough to reduce hunger.

Protein Shakes Can Help You to Lose Your Weight and Belly Fat
High protein can help you to lose more fat on your diet, especially in the belly area. When the people who are in high protein diet given an extra 56 grams of protein per day had lost 2,3 kg. However, the others who are consuming more protein will lose 14,1 kg in 3 months. And the other one who is providing 30% of calories from the protein, they will lose 3,7 kg.

Types of Protein
Each type of protein has the different effect to your body. For example, whey that is helping you to fell less hungry in the short term is more quickly absorbed than casein. In fact, 56 grams of this protein can assist the overweight or obese lose 2.3 kg than the same amount of protein in soy. However, whey is also three times more effective at maintaining muscle building than soy protein. But casein, whey, and also soy contain all the essential amino acid that your body needs.

Dosage and side effect
To start drinking it, you can take one shake per day, and it is best to drink it before the meal. You can mix it with water or ice. You can also blend it with some fruits to create a delicious shake. Side effects can occur if you are lactose intolerant. The side effects such as cramps, bloating and diarrhea. The side effect can be only avoided by changing your protein powders that are not derived milk, such as soy, pea, egg or rice protein powder.

That is all about the weight loss shake that can help you to get more protein and lose your calories in your diet. Hopefully, it can be your recommendation to choose the best protein powder for yourself. Make sure that you choose the healthy diet.