How Long Does It Take to Quit Smoking

Quit smoking, it cannot be measured by the exact time as the power of someone to persist and be consistent in their decision is different. Some smokers like going throughout and never-ended cycles that stop and start all over again. For some of them, quitting smoking could be a process that last long. It may be easier for pregnant women to quit since they have already found the strong reason to stop their habit.

What the Psychologist Says About Quit Smoking

However, a kind of strong reason will later break the cycle process. If they have committed to stop smoking, they will find a dead end to start again. The psychologist Gary Tedeschi will say some points to review the length of time to quit smoking.

  1. Getting a rid of all cigarettes beside you is not the end. Later, you will need some times to be totally free from the smoking habit. After stopping for three days, your body will notice the shortage of nicotine assumption. This is where the battle begins; the withdrawal symptom will begin to come up and at this point, you may feel restless, moody and also irritable in about two or three weeks to quit smoking. If you are a hard smoker, the withdrawal frequency will not be longer but may be intense.
  2. A month later, after your body gets used to live without nicotine, your mind may still remember the taste of cigarettes. Activity, time, place or even emotion can be such triggers that stimulate the cravings to come up. As a cigarette is so much alluring for some people, many women were planning to start light up their cigarette as soon as they deliver the baby.
  3. You will never surrender on your habit until you see that you are truly a nonsmoker, someone that will not see smoking as a choice in any condition at any time. In this case, it may take a couple months or even more. Most quitter says that they will feel greater after free from cigarettes for a whole year. With this measurement, they know that they did not spend even a day that need cigarette.
  4. However, if most of you find it is truly hard to quit smoking, there are some methods that can fasten the process. For beginner, you may need to adjust your own daily routine to prevent yourself from the situation when you need to smoke. In this case, you may see consult to the doctor to give you some advice and the best methods. Having a counselor or joining a support group can be great alternatives either.

Finally, we can say that the exact time of how long the smoker needs to throw the habit varies from one to another. They have at least measure it by a whole year of cigarette free even they may still remember how it feels to spend the miserable time with a cigarette. If you want to be real nonsmoker, you may follow this measurement of process to quit smoking.