Natural Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

Are you experiencing hair loss or your hair getting thinner? Be aware; maybe you are one or two in every thousand people who experience alopecia. What is alopecia? What kind of hair loss treatment can you get for treating the problem? Check out below.

What is Alopecia?
Alopecia areata or mostly known as Alopecia is a hair loss disease due to the immune system attacking hair follicles which make the hair fall off. Not only due to the immune system, but alopecia can be triggered by stress, allergies, inflammation, hormone imbalance, chemotherapy, poor diet, and genetically. This type of hair loss is most common found in teenagers younger than 20, but adults and children can be affected too, both women and men. The common symptom is a falling out a clump of hair which left around the patch of baldness on the scalp. Some people may experience thinner hair without noticeable patches which left an exclamation point hair or small tubs. Only in rare cases, people may get complete scalp hair loss. However, the damage isn’t usually permanent. The hair might often cause loss but then comes to grow back over several months.

The Best Natural Treatment You Should Try
Most of the people might prefer for natural hair loss treatment rather than with manufactured drugs. Here is the list of natural treatment that you can try at home.

Lavender Oil
Lavender oil is an essential oil often use as hair loss treatment. For treating alopecia, some studies revealed that this essential oil could help slowing down even reversing the effects of hair loss. The flower produces the essential oil that has the sweet and soft scent to help not only good for hair growth but also treating anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Lavender oil has regenerative properties by improving blood circulation in the hair follicles and antiseptic properties to fight against the bacteria.

Usually, lavender oil is often diluted with cedarwood, thyme, and rosemary oils because it’s powerful and more efficient in treating alopecia. This mixed oil can be used to massage the scalp at night then let your hair covered overnight. After several weeks of routine treatment, you can see some progress on your hair growth.

Onion Juice
Onion is another magical hair loss treatment. According to several studies, onion has two important compounds that very useful for promoting hair growth, Sulphur, and Quercetin. Keratin, a protein supports hair growth, contains with high Sulphur which helps to improve hair strength and elasticity. So, hair with low Sulphur is easily broken. Sulfur also has benefits to bring oxygen, nutrients to the scalp, and boost circulation to make the hair grow stronger and healthier.

Another compound, quercetin, is a nutrient that has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Quercetin fights against free radicals, air pollution, and other toxins that harm hair cells. Moreover, onion also has what usually called as hair growth vitamin, biotin. Additionally, there are also other compounds that excellent for healthy hair such as vitamin C, folic acids, flavonoids, copper, phosphorous, and manganese. As hair loss treatment, you can blend onion mixed with 3 to 4 drops of essential oils such as lavender oil to make juice.

Green Tea
The next on the list is green tea. This natural leaf is an effective remedy because contains several compounds to stimulate hair cells regeneration such as catechins and saponins. Green tea also has antioxidants properties to eliminate harmful free radicals beneath hair skin surface. You can do the treatment by dipping a washcloth into green tea water then dab it onto your bare scalp patches.

Some studies also mention that fenugreek, licorice root, aloe vera, coconut milk, and those with high vitamin C are good as natural hair loss treatment including Alopecia. If you are afraid of side effects of drugs, you should try natural remedies above to promote your health hair.