Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

The alternative approach for smokers to quit can be by having natural ways. Since smoking is one of the habits that is hard to be kicked away. Most smokers admit that it is hard even they have tried at least once or more times to quit smoking.

However, nowadays, there are some things such as gum or nicotine patch that can replace cigarette. Anyway, you still can find some natural ways that you can try to get rid of your smoking addicted. Below are some natural ways to stop smoking that you can practice.

Most Effective Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

  1. Making dietary changes

According to the research conducted at Duke University, there are some foods that make the cigarette taste better and there are some foods that make cigarette taste worse. Alcohol, Coffee and read meat make cigarette taste better. Meanwhile, the food such as milk fruit, juice and vegetables will make cigarette taste worse. So that is why, you can try to consume these kind of food and drink to help you stay away from cigarette. Besides, these food and drink will give you an optimal health.

  1. Indulging Sweet Food to Eat

In some cases, when the carving comes up, what the smokers rally need is carbohydrate. In this case, having sweet food can satisfy your carving. You can try to have some small hard candies or candy bar to trick your carvings.

  1. Moving Your Body

The potential of quitting smoking can be more success when you work out or do exercise regularly. Based on Brown University research, aerobic is the type of exercise should be done and performed in about 5 days in a week. The exercise should be ha enough to hit the maximum of heart rate in around 80%.

  1. Displaying Image Inspiration

Displaying a photo of smoking-related skin aging or blackened lungs in the house might sound cliché. But there is no harm in trying. It may make you realize that smoking is dangerous so you can keep your way to quit smoking.

  1. Hypnotizing your habit

Hypnotic is commonly one of natural ways to quit smoking and help smoker in quitting their habit. The frequency of the session depends on the person. However, many people can feel the improvement to control their cravings after the first session. Remember to choose the professional practitioner to get the best result.

  1. Having Ancient Acupuncture Art

Research shows that natural treatment such as acupuncture may be effective to reduce cravings and increase serotonin production so you can be satisfied even without cigarette. By having acupuncture treatment, the quit rate is about 30% higher for they who have at least 6 times treatment.

  1. Doing Mindful Meditation

Besides relaxing, the meditation allows you to focus. The University of Wisconsin sees how a group of meditation helps longtime-smokers to quit smoking. It is found that after 8 sessions of meditation, 56% of them can quit. Averagely, you have to listen to meditative music for at least 45 minutes as well as other audios every day.

Overall, there are some approaches to do to quit smoking. One of effective approaches can be the natural way such as having acupuncture, meditation or hypnotic. When you have tried several ways and you fail, you can try these natural ways to quit smoking.