Quit Smoking While Pregnant

While pregnant and you decide to quit smoking, this decision may be hard to take. However, having baby is something amazing for all women in this world. They will do anything to keep their baby safe. Besides, smoking while pregnant can make you experience miscarriage. The toxic substances in the cigarette will be seriously dangerous for the baby.

When quitters decide to throw their cigarette away, it does not mean that they are much better than the smokers or they love their baby more than the smokers, but it can mean that they simply want to set up their success on how to quit smoking. Some different ways may be done to quit smoking, but few strategies will win.

The Key Success To Quit Smoking During Pregnancy

  1. Planning Ahead

Everybody knows that quitting smoking is not as easy as turning your hand palm up and down. Intention and struggle are needed as well as the challenge you will face in the future. You may need “quit date” like the other most successful quitters. You may pick the special date in your life such as birthday or anniversary. But do not take too long since your baby need you to quit earlier.

  1. Getting Support from the People You Love around You

It can be much easier when you do not go through this point alone. The support from the people around you moreover your husband will give you more chances to success. If you now an ex-smoker, you may talk to her more to give tips how to handle cravings when they come.

  1. Talking to Your Doctor

It may be the best way you can take. No matter what kind of approach you take to quit smoking, the doctor will give you great suggestion and counseling if you decide to quit without nicotine replacement. If you want to quit without aids such as gum or nicotine patch, at least your doctor will provide you a better methods to do.

  1. Keeping Reminding Yourself why you quit

When keeping this decision, you may suffer much at the first time. However, keep reminding yourself why you want to quit smoking, make it clear so you can hold and stand still when you suffer from strong carvings. Motivate yourself by reading some books of the dangerous of cigarette, why you should be quitting smoking while pregnant, or attending counseling. Keep in mind that you want better life for you, your baby and family. Find out the best reason to stop the habit.

  1. Never Give Up

When the intention and plan are set up, be strong of facing some symptoms and carvings that come ahead. You have your bay, husband friends and family around you to support. The withdrawal symptom may come at few days or even few hours after you quit, but if you can pass a week, it will slowly fade away. However, if you give up on carvings and symptoms, you are going to repeat all those miserable time in process.

Finally, quit to smoke is not about what and how the effective ways are. It is totally about your intention and reason why you quit. Remind yourself that your baby should live healthy without the risk of some diseases caused by cigarette. When you can pass the miserable process, you are going to succeed on how to quit smoking while pregnant.