Side Effects of Quitting Smoking

Side effect of quitting smoking will be either experienced by the smoker besides the good effects. When the smokers decide to quit smoking, they must be ready to struggle and keep their commitment because there will be several problems experienced later such as cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

What is actually hard from quitting smoking is committing and resisting your selves to not touching cigarette when the cravings rise up. Dealing with some withdrawal symptoms is the cause of smoker to surrender in the middle of the quitting process.

Quite Smoking and The Side Effects

Below are 7 side effects that you will face when you consider quitting smoking:

  1. Experiencing mouth ulcers

There will be a change of chemical in your body when you quit smoking according to NHS site and it can lead more mouth ulcers than normal condition. You may feel uncomfortable but just hold on since it can disappear by the time you get used to not smoke.

  1. Respiratory Problems

Coughing, cold, strong chest pain and the other respiratory systems are several side effects for those who want to quit smoking. It is going to happen temporarily right after you quit smoking. However, you do not need to worry as some of your respiratory systems will clean up themselves.

  1. Unconscious

It is possible to happen to smokers when they quit immediately since the body might be shocked with the condition. However, it is such a rare case happens even though most smokers reported they feel deep faint.

  1. Swinging Mood

It is known that nicotine can help the brain to release the dopamine and makes us feel happy. Since smoking can calm and stimulate us to do something, having less or even no cigarette will cause smokers to have depression, mood swing, and also anxiety.

  1. Weight gain

Some say nicotine can control the weight. It can be attributable to nicotine. Mostly, they smoke when they are bored and nothing to do. So that is why, they might eat otherwise smoke. Even it is not proved by medical research, but some of smokers say that they feel less hungry when they smoke. So if you quit smoking, you can gain more weight.

  1. Insomnia

Within the process of quitting smoking, you may have the problem with sleep. Stop smoking can cause insomnia. It is normal since your body is trying to adapt with inexistence of cigarette substance. However, if the insomnia does not disappear for couple weeks ahead after you stop smoking, you may need to check it with your doctor.

  1. Headache

One of the side effects to quit smoking is having headache. It may be experienced by most smokers during their struggle of staying away from cigarette. It can be caused by the level of oxygen in your blood returns to normal and your body does not crave for more nicotine.

After all, before quitting, you may need to fine some strong reasons why you would like to quit smoking. By remembering these reasons, hopefully you will be able to persist when the cravings come. Besides, you should either prepare yourself well to face the side effects when you want to quit smoking.