Stages of Quitting Smoking

Stages of quitting smoking will be experienced by all smokers when they decide to quit. Begin with the withdrawal symptoms and carvings. However, how hard it is to quit smoking, it is not impossible to do. Many people have succeeded in quitting smoking for some strong reason they create, even some of them may fail during their struggle.

There will be some stages you should know and face later when you consider quitting smoking. Below, we are going to share with you, so you will be ready for your decision.

The Stages To Quit Smoking You Have To Deal With

  1. First week

It may be the hardest point for the smokers, the first week of quitting smoking. It is the time when the withdrawal symptoms arise. It perhaps begins during the first thirty minutes when you quit smoking. How extreme the symptoms are and how soon they rise up, it depends on how hard you smoke before.

For you to know that nicotine does not last longer when it punches your brain. It is going to need administering continuously for the brain to continue the feeling of satisfaction. Your brain will absolutely miss the nicotine mostly within the first days you quit.

However, he symptoms such as cravings will come earlier and then continued with anxiety, nervousness, depression and less of a focus. Even though they will be hardest within the first three to five days you quit, they will diminish after all.

By the time your respiratory system heals, you are going to feel the rise of mucus, have trouble in exerting yourself for several time periods, feel insomnia, and experience the tightness in your chest.

  1. Two Weeks through four

During the stages of quitting smoking, especially this point, the carvings are still strong, even it will not like it was before. Your body is going to begin to normalize within three weeks. Your appetite may return to normal and you are going to feel less fatigue at the end of the week for. Since you have not been healed up totally, you need to be careful of the trigger that will stimulate your emotions and stress within this day, it may be hard for you to resist your carvings to quit smoking.

  1. Five weeks up

In this stage, you might suffer when remembering smoking. You are going to miss the feeling while you smoke. However, remind yourself how difficult it is for you to walk through the stages. When you step on the week five of quitting smoking, the carvings intensity may be gone. However, you may have risk if you stay around the smokers, seeing those people smoking might cause you to miss your last habit.

Finally, talking about quitting smoking, there are some stages you will face. We can say you will suffer for the first days and weeks. It is normal since the carving caused by cigarette is totally strong. So that is why, you need to convince yourself when you decide to quit. You may suffer the most but you will be okay after passing the stages to quit smoking.